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Protecting the Earth from the Ravages of the Sun

The Sun bathes the Earth in light and also in a stream of charged particles that fly through the solar system at over 1.8 million mph. As these particles reach the Earth, they collide with Earth’s protective magnetic field, getting captured and trapped in the space around us.

Dr. Colin Forsyth will explain how this stream of particles results in the aurora and the Van Allen belts. He will also illustrate what we are doing to understand and prevent space weather from negatively impacting our lives.

Colin is a researcher in the Space Plasma Group at UCL’s Mullard Space Science Laboratory studying the physics that governs the space environment in the solar system.

Tea/coffee will be served from 6-6.30pm

Lecture starts: 6.30pm for 1hr (with 15mins for questions afterwards)

Limit of 150 people