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POSTPONED - What's Physics got to do with Evolution?

The event has been postponed due to planned industrial action. A new date will be announced shortly. 

Dr Bhavin Khatri MInstP, Imperial College London 

What's Physics got to do with Evolution? 

Physicists take for granted universality of the laws of physics—the laws of thermodynamics, gravity and quantum mechanics work just as well in Mumbai as they do in London, and for that matter—we believe— in the Andromeda galaxy. But are there universal laws in biology? Evolutionary biologist, Theodosius Dobzhansky declared that “Nothing in Biology makes sense, except in the light of evolution”. But surely, life is too contingent, context dependence, and just too messy to be described simply by the laws of evolution — and just "What is life?" anyway, as Schrodinger famously pondered.

Join Dr Bhavin Khatri, MInstP, who will explore these questions and how concepts from physics—of emergence and entropy—are changing our understanding of evolution from the, much used and abused, simple picture of “survival of the fittest”.

Tea/coffee will be served from 6 - 6.30 pm.

Lecture starts 6.30 pm for 1hr with 15mins for questions