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The physics of self-organising active matter

We are happy to announce a UK-Japan-Germany-China focussed meeting entitled The physics of self-organising active matter. This is the second in a series of meetings, the first in Kyoto (2023) and the next in Dresden (2025), in support of a JSPS core-to-core program designed to bring together the Asian and European communities working in this field. The program has funding for exchanges. Topics will include, but are not limited to, collective and nonreciprocal dynamics, cell and tissue dynamics, odd elasticity, field theories of active systems, bacterial turbulence, photoactive microbial systems, transport processes in complex environments, the role of temperature in active systems, machine learning approaches, active crystals, liquid-liquid phase separation, extracellular matrix dynamics, human crowds and animal swarms. We are soliciting contributed talks, posters and also welcome attendees who just want to enjoy the talks and discuss informally. The registration fee is extremely low to encourage the participation of junior scientists. For more information and to register please click here.