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The Physics of Infection

The Biological Physics Group and the Medical Physics Group of the Institute of Physics are organising an exciting meeting on 16 September around the broad topic of the Physics of Infection. The aim of the meeting is to foster discussions between those who are tackling infections on the front line, from SARS-CoV-2 to antibiotic resistant infections, and those who are performing fundamental research in related fields, such as biological physics, microbiology, epidemiology, disease detection, pathogen isolation instrumentation and mechanobiology. 

The meeting will explore both fundamental and translational research themes that span the causes and effects of infections, methods to detect infections, and tools from the physical sciences to control infections. It will be relevant to a wide community of researchers interested in the use of physical science techniques and modelling to understand aspects of human infection.

The aim is to generate an opportunity for cross-disciplinary discussions, highlighting current challenges to determine how they may be addressed using collaborative multidisciplinary research.