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Physics in the freezer: seismology on polar glaciers

Dr Adam Booth, University of Leeds UK

Predicting the evolution of glaciers is crucially important for quantifying global sea-level rise. Geophysical imaging is a valuable part of a glaciologist's toolkit, allowing us to determine ice thickness, measure the internal structure of glaciers and characterise the interplay between ice and meltwater. Wrap up warm for a talk on the application and future of seismic surveying on polar glaciers! - discover the research efforts to understand glaciers in West Greenland, and the seismic developments in the field.


Dr Booth is Associate Professor of Applied Geophysics in the University of Leeds School of Earth and Environment. He specialises in the use of geophysical field methods to image a range of subsurface targets - whether these are meerkat burrows in the South African desert, military history in Myanmar, or the deep structure of glacier ice. He is the Programme Leader of Leeds' Exploration Geophysics MSc, and convenes the Leeds-based "Quantum Sauce" series of public engagement events