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Physics and Evolution

Picture of animals and lightening strike - "ask not what physics can do for biology - ask what biology can do for physics" Stanislaw Ulam quote

Speaker: Dr Bhavin Khatri MInstP, Research Fellow in Statistical Genomics, Imperial College London

Physicists take for granted the universality of the laws of physics - the laws of thermodynamics, gravity and quantum mechanics work just as well in Mumbai as they do in London, and for that matter - we believe - in the Andromeda galaxy.

But are there universal laws in biology? Surely, life is too contingent, context dependent, and just too messy to be described simply by the laws of evolution — and just "What is life?" anyway.

About the Speaker

Dr Khatri is a theoretical physicist/biologist. Interested in evolutionary theory & inference, genotype-phenotype maps, virus evolution, and chromatin polymer physics. He is currently a Research Fellow in Statistical Genomics at Imperial College London.

Keele Student Presentation - Timelapse to the End of the Universe by Samuel Muthu

The evening will start with a 15 minute presentation by 2nd year Keele student Samuel Muthu. Samuel is a Chemistry and Physics student.

Tea and coffee will be available from 6 pm in the Lennard-Jones foyer. 

Talks start at 6.45 pm and are followed by Q&A.

This talk will be accompanied by a British Sign Language interpreter.

Whilst it isn’t necessary to register for this event, it will help with our rooming and refreshment arrangements if you do.