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Observing the Planets

Speaker: Mark Radice

Explains the basics of planetary observing and how to make stunning, hi res images that reveal the secrets of our planetary neighbours.

About the Speaker:

Mark Radice lives near Salisbury Wiltshire, a few miles from Stonehenge. He has been active in Astronomy since watching Comet Hykutake cross the sky while working in Canada in 1996. This sparked off an interest that led across the moon, through the solar system and out into deep space.
Most of his observing is done with a C11 on an EQ6 (a 280mm f10 Schmidt-Cassegrain) and a pair of 100mm APM binoculars from his roll off roof observatory. A 60mm Lunt H-alpha solar scope is used in the daytime.
His website and YouTube channel are well worth looking up.
IOP South Central supports Vectis Astronomical Society, IOP Members can join the talk for free.
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