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Nanoscale Physics and Technology Webinar Series

Atomic and molecular image

Title: To be confirmed

Speaker: Dr Jessica Boland, University of Manchester

The Nanoscale Physics and Technology Group (NPTG) is hosting a series of webinars on nanoscale science and technology, which are being held on Mondays. We welcome anyone interested in joining us at these events.

Nanoscience plays a role in a variety of realms, including nature, semiconductor industry, molecular sciences, medicine, etc. Its importance is indisputable.

The NPTG group is looking to promote the dissemination of science and our invited speakers will present state-of-art advances around the nano-theme. These webinars aim to provide an accessible platform for academics to disseminate their latest work and to provide a forum for students, scientists and engineers to discuss advances in these areas. We also hope that this webinar series will provide an opportunity for engagement between academia and industry and enable better impact to be made.