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Music and Noise

A music score from Aldo Clementi for his Informel 2

Speaker: Dr Elena del Valle, Universidad Autònoma de Madrid

What distinguishes music from noise? What is agreeable to hear and what is not? Cannot the sound of a waterfall be soothing, relaxing and inspiring? On the opposite, aren't some of the most crafted musical compositions among the most difficult ordeals to go through for many? Is the choice of what constitutes art and what constitutes chaos an artistic, cultural, subjective one or, is there a scientific fingerprint that can, breaking down what we hear into frequencies and power spectra, identify what makes a sound one worthy of an orchestra?

In this musical talk, Dr del Valle will discuss the Physics of music and explore unsuspected corners of this intemporal humane practice, showing us a way to their possibly happy encounter with the modern concept of noise music.

Whilst it isn’t necessary to register for this event, it will help with our rooming and refreshment arrangements if you do.