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Making Light to Compute

Speaker: Professor Natalia Berloff, University of Cambridge

The vast majority of real-life optimisation problems are hard and computationally impractical for conventional classical computers, with classic examples being the travelling salesman problem, the dynamic analysis of financial markets, the prediction of new chemical materials, finding the ground state of a spin glass, and machine learning tasks. Quantum computing is widely promoted as a potential solution for this class of problems; however, this approach faces many technological challenges. Research in quantum computing has inspired the development of promising new algorithmic and hardware techniques that avoid the hardest technical challenges facing quantum computing while delivering significant advantages over classical computers. Photonic or hybrid light-matter platforms in particular show potential for fast neuromorphic-type energy-efficient computing. 

Professor Berloff will discuss the principles of the operation of the devices based on such systems, and the challenges they present, with a particular focus on polariton graph simulators.

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