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Let's stick together

Short track speed skaters

We are all familiar with friction.  It’s what holds everything together.  Sometimes it’s helpful, e.g. rubber-soled shoes for grip on the ground, and sometimes it’s not, e.g. ice-skating. 

However, even though we learn a simple formula in school physics, there is much more than simply knowing the coefficient of friction, μ. 

We shall describe a variety of situations including the stick-slip phenomenon, which is fundamental to playing stringed instruments such as the violin, and we shall see that at low temperatures, contrary to intuition, ice is not slippery at all.

Join Alan Davies (Professor Emeritus, Mathematics), at the University of Hertfordshire where he was Head of Department until his retirement.  Since then he has spent most of his time working with school pupils and presenting mathematics and science to general audiences of all ages.

For further information and to book please contact:  Dr Diane Crann

This event is free but places will need to be reserved