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Launch event: Consortium for organotypic research on ageing and microgravity

This is the launch event for the ‘Consortium for organotypic research on ageing and microgravity’, which has been established between the University of Birmingham (hosts) and Cranfield Defence and Security, focused on research into tissue behaviour in extreme conditions. It is designed as a collaborative platform for knowledge and skill transfer, drawing together a unique range of expertise and capabilities in the UK for studying the effects of extreme environments on human biology in model systems, from tissue loss in simulated microgravity, through to the shock response of tissues. Such a capability is currently missing in the UK and wider community and is of particular importance as modelling the tissue response to extreme physiological environments is essential for understanding pathology in numerous clinical disorders. These include the alterations induced by degeneration in both a terrestrial context, during ageing, trauma or surgery; as well as in an aviation/space physiology context, with exposure to prolonged microgravity, hypoxia or acceleration during space operations. This is the first in a series of events organised by the consortium, which will commence with talks from the founders, followed by a networking event.