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Jocelyn Bell Burnell Award Event


This fantastic event, with a variety of speakers will celebrate and announce the 2022 winner of the Jocelyn Bell Burnell Medal and Prize.

Originally an IOP Women in Physics Group prize, the Jocelyn Bell Burnell Medal and Prize has for some years now been part of the IOP Awards. The award recognises exceptional early-career contributions to physics by a very early career female physicist. More information on the JBB medal can be found here.

To celebrate the award of the prize, the Jocelyn Bell Burnell Award event will be hearing short presentations from the each of the finalists and the award recipient. This will be followed by a panel discussion session where audience members will be able to ask questions and hear perspectives on a number of topics, including current physics research and routes into a physics-related career.

The event is suitable for senior phase pupils and university students.