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Is it genuine? The use of thermoluminescence in the authentication of ceramics

A ceramic plate with a blue image

Speaker: Dr Greg Adamiec DPhil (Oxon)

How can we tell which ceramics are fake and which are genuine? Thermoluminescence measures the weak light signal emitted when a sample from a ceramic object is heated. This signal depends on the radiation dose the sample absorbs over time, so thermoluminescence testing is an objective, scientific method of reliably estimating when the piece was last fired. Comparing this with the suggested period of manufacturer indicates whether the piece is fake or genuine. 

In this talk, Dr Greg Adamiec, Chief Scientist for Oxford Authentication and Associate Professor at Silesian University of Technology, will talk about the use of thermoluminescence to beat the fraudsters, and the need to innovate to stay a step ahead of them.

About the Speaker

Dr Adamiec has over 25 years of experience in the field of thermoluminescence and optically stimulated luminescence. He specialises in research concerning the application of luminescence techniques in dating, luminescence dosimetry, measurement technique development and refinement. He has authored and co­-authored over 50 research papers published in international, peer­ reviewed journals.

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