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Interact Symposium 2024

Interact: A Public Engagement Symposium for the Physical Sciences

This event will:

  • provide a fantastic opportunity to learn new ways to engage with your communities
  • provide a chance to share your experiences and good practice
  • explore funding routes for engagement
  • discuss how the engagement landscape should evolve

Above all, it will be a chance to share your experiences with like-minded people in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

The STFC, Institute Of Physics, South East Physics Network, Royal Astronomical Society, Ogden Trust and NuSTEM (Northumbria University) are partnering together with you, the participants, to develop an inspiring, challenging and refreshing programme. The key themes are:

  • evaluation and impact
  • working with audiences underrepresented in the physical sciences
  • engagement mediums and practice
  • planning for the long-term: funding routes for engagement and strategic planning

For further information: