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Hyper-aperture ultrasound

Speaker: Dr Laura Peralta, King’s College London

Medical Ultrasound is a low-cost imaging method that is long-established and widely used for screening, diagnosis, therapy monitoring, and guidance of interventional procedures. However, the usefulness of conventional ultrasound systems is limited by physical constraints that lead to low-resolution images with a restricted field of view and view-dependent artefacts. Ultrasound is generally operated in a diffraction-limited regime, so a direct way to improve resolution, sensitivity, and field of view is by extending the transmitting and receiving apertures. Notwithstanding, medical ultrasound has become trapped by an established form factor, the handheld transducer, which requires a practical small size that is a compromise between cost, ergonomics, and image performance.

Hyper-aperture ultrasound will break out of current limitations in medical ultrasound by enabling multiple standard transducers to operate together to create a flexible self-calibrating and multi-view hyper-aperture. Crucially, creating such a large aperture could lead to significant improvements in fundamental ultrasound features, enhancing all methods that rely on ultrasound images. This lecture will discuss ongoing efforts to advance medical ultrasound with this new approach and current challenges.

There is no requirement to pre-register for this event. It is requested that if you feel unwell or have symptoms of COVID, you do not attend. Mask wearing is encouraged but not mandatory. Doors will be open from 7pm and refreshments will be available. The talk begins at 7.30pm.