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Future Perspectives on Neutron Scattering

Neutron star merger

The scope of this 1 day meeting is to discuss present and future trends in UK neutron scattering - both in terms of the science base and the central facility provision. We aim to cover key areas of, neutron diffraction, small-angle scattering, reflectometry, molecular spectroscopy, QENS and coherent inelastic scattering. We aim to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of/to current and future neutron science based in the UK and in UK funded facilities. We will do this by inviting key early career investigators based in the UK to present their perspectives on neutron science and provision, and indicating future priorities. We also aim to engage external perspectives, inviting non-neutron scientists from key research communities. It is our hope that the directors of the three UK funded facilities will attend, and they will be invited at an early stage.