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Free-Space and Underwater Optical Wireless Communication

Short free-space optical links are becoming increasingly important for terrestrial, satellites and underwater optical wireless communication. These network domains are coming together and are capable of line-of-sight communications of several tens of Gb/s rates. However, there are substantial challenges in realising high-rate communication without a waveguide. Much of this is driven by a global demand for more data at higher rates. Reliable data underpins the Digital Economy and its security. This 1-day event will focus on the status quo, the fundamental science, emerging solutions, novel technologies, design issues, networks across physical domains (Space, Terrestrial, Underwater), Internet of Things, and the use of Artificial Intelligence inthe solution space. Downstream activities such as monitoring and sensing, safety, security and environmental issues will be considered.

This Meeting is aimed at both academia and industry. The Meeting aims to support the development oflong-term consortia in optical wireless free-space & underwater, terrestrial, and space communication networks. Speakers are encouraged to supply document/papers in a form that can be archived in one of our electronic IOP Proceedings.

Participants should expect:

  • Exposure to emerging free-space & underwater optical communications insights frominternational experts
  • Form new linkages between academia and industry, especially those in the Space, Terrestrial and Underwater domains
  • Understand the challenges facing the science and technologies