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Explosives: The Past, Present and Future

Yellow triangle sign showing an explosion

Speaker: Professor Jackie Ackhavan, Professor of Explosive Chemistry Manufacturing Group, Cranfield University

Explosives have been part of our lives for many years with the first recording of an explosive powder being used in China in 220 BC. Nowadays they are part of our everyday life: in airbags, ejector seats and fireworks as well as propulsion for space shuttles and demolition aids.

Professor Jackie Akhavan will introduce the various types of explosions and explain the conditions under which a chemical reaction becomes explosive.

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About the Speaker

Professor Akhavan has a BSc (Hons) in chemistry, and an MPhil and PhD in polymer chemistry from Southampton University.  She was a Research Fellow in surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy at Southampton University and a Senior engineer at Pirelli General in polymeric optical fibres for short distance communication before joining Cranfield University in 1987.

Professor Akhavan is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and a Fellow of the Institute of Explosives Engineers. In 2018 she was selected as an independent member on the Defence Science Expert Committee as the UK expert in energetics, explosives and weapon technologies for a three-year term.

In 2016 Prof Akhavan established the Abel Building, a new state-of-the-art chemistry facility and centre of excellence for research and development in energetic materials. She has also been the inspiration behind the Centre of Excellence in Energetic Materials, working with the MoD and other agencies to deliver this new UK national capability.