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EMAG 2024: Focus on Functional Materials

Functional materials play a pivotal role in modern technologies and their tailored properties underpin advancements that enhance efficiency, durability, and performance across diverse industries, making them indispensable in shaping our future. The theme of EMAG2024 is therefore “a focus on functional materials” and the conference will highlight recent advances across the spectrum of electron microscopy characterisation of advanced functional materials.

EMAG2024 will host our traditional blend of invited and contributed talks, complemented by poster presentations, flash talks, our already-popular EMAG Research Slam and many networking opportunities. We foster a friendly and supportive atmosphere that has long-welcomed students and early career researchers, with the added incentive of prestigious EMAG student prizes.

An essential component of EMAG2024 will be a table-top exhibition, providing you opportunities to directly interact with our sponsors and the wider industrial community.

Organised by the IOP Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group.