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Confessions of a Science Communicator

Speaker: Dr Claire Malone, MInstP

In this talk, I discuss the many benefits to researchers of being active science communicators - for themselves, for the wider scientific community and for society as a whole. I share my own journey as a science communicator, initially speaking at conferences aimed at raising the profile of underrepresented groups in science such as the LGBT+ and disabled communities, through to delivering my TED talk at Abbey Road Studios. I now focus on overcoming the challenges that often prevent effective science communication and assisting fellow scientists to do the same, taking the field of psychedelic medicine as a case study, where researchers can need to counteract entrenched biases in order to share their findings.

Venue Information

The lecture will take place on Wednesday 06 March at 16:30. There will be free biscuits and cake from 16:00. The lecture will take place at the University of Leeds in the Sir William Henry Bragg Building, Lecture Theatre Gr.18.

Location of the talk can be found here.