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Can the UK reach Net Zero

In the foreground is four pylons with connecting wires with the sun setting in the background.

Speaker: Professor Martin Freer, University of Birmingham

The rise of the price of gas means that the cost of energy is going to increase by up to £600 per home; about a 50% hike in energy costs. The UK faces enormous challenges in terms of the transition of its energy system from high carbon to low carbon. The move of electricity production from coal and gas to wind, solar and nuclear may not be as smooth as hoped as the challenge of how to manage variability remains. Beyond electricity, how are we going to decarbonise the way we heat our homes, which is where much of the gas is used? The plan is electrification and heat pumps - can it be achieved? What is the role of hydrogen in the energy system and how are we going to create enough electricity to cope with electric vehicles and the electricity needed for heating? There is a lot to contemplate. This talk with shine a light on some of the issues and provide some ideas to stimulate you own thinking and discussions.