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Business Briefing: Access to Venture Capital

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Are you a physics-powered start-up or micro business wanting to learn more about how to access venture capital?  

Join us for this session delivered by venture capital investor Jo Slota-Newson, on what you need to do to attract investment into your deeptech business.


About Jo Slota-Newson

Jo Slota-Newson is a venture capital investor supporting early stage and growth ventures across deep technology sectors. Originally a research scientist in nanotechnology and applied electronic materials at the University of Cambridge, and the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Jo gained valuable operational experience setting up and working with a number of early stage and growth ventures, before moving into venture capital investing.  Jo has also served as CTO for an early stage photovoltaics company, and director of operations for an online equity investment platform focussed on the Life Sciences and Biotech sectors. Jo has worked in technology commercialisation for 17 years, in technical, commercial and investment roles, and has experience working with high growth technology businesses in the advanced materials, electronics, photonics, cleantech, industrial engineering, medical technology, and software sectors.  

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