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Become a Limit Less Ambassador with Founders4Schools

As part of the Limit Less campaign, we want to provide opportunities for our supporters and volunteers to be able to help young people to change the world by doing physics. One way to do this is for people who have studied physics to be able to talk to young people about their experiences, and the jobs they have gone on to do because of studying physics from age 16.

Founders4Schools is an award-­winning charity that connects young people and their educators with a network of inspirational volunteer role models who share their career stories to better inform young people about the world of work, so they make better decisions about their future careers.

This improves the employment chances of young people and supports businesses in developing their current and future workforce.

We are running an event to demonstrate the F4S platform, hear from those who have used it and to get you signed up! We will also be introducing you to our latest careers resources that have been designed to support your activities.

If you are interested in joining the platform ahead of the event, you can sign up here:­physics/