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Antibody adsorption and solution stability

Atomic and molecular image

The fast development of protein pharmaceuticals has initiated active research endeavour, with many focusing on tool development. Since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, many companies have developed antibody drugs ready for clinical evaluation and manufacturing within months. A number of research groups in the UK and USA have worked on different aspects of structural stability of mAbs and other protein therapeutics. Adsorption and desorption of mAbs have been widely regarded as critical to mAb instability and the formation of proteinaceous particles. Although this area of research is fast evolving, there is not yet a forum for both academic and industrial research communities to exchange and build collaborative relations focusing on understanding the roles of adsorption and desorption. Through BBSRC support, this workshop aims to provide a forum for sharing advances in understanding stability of therapeutic proteins and the impact of adsorption and desorption. We also aim to develop the workshop into a formal biannual event for the community, drawing close link and complementarity to BioProNet2, a bioprocessing industry-academic networking club sponsored by BBSRC and industrial firms, while focusing on academia-led tool development.