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Anglo-French Physical Acoustics Conference 2024 (AFPAC)

The Anglo-French Physical Acoustics Conference (AFPAC) is organised by the IOP Physical Acoustics Group and Le Groupe d’Acoustique Physique, Sous-marine et UltraSonore (GAPSUS) of the Société Française d’Acoustique (SFA). AFPAC provides a forum in which the current research activity in physical acoustics and ultrasonics is reviewed.

The scope for this conference is intentionally wide so as to encourage cross-fertilisation of ideas across different application areas in the field of physical acoustics. Topics include but are not limited to: theoretical developments (all methods); experimental measurements; transduction; linear or nonlinear elastic or acoustic (bulk, surface, guided) wave radiation, propagation, scattering and reception; application to material characterisation, biomedical ultrasound, imaging (nondestructive testing, medical, underwater, seismology), SAW in electronic devices etc.