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Environmental statement

We recognise our environmental responsibilities and are committed to contributing to the reduction of local, national and global environmental damage. The leadership of the IOP have agreed that the organisation should increase its environmental awareness and every two years, when a new IOP President takes office, we renew this environmental policy.

In 2015 we launched a new strategy that has at its core a desire to reach beyond our traditional networks and become a more public-facing organisation, to encourage the general public’s interest in physics and showcase the value of physics to society, our health and wellbeing and the way we live our lives.

A key part of our strategy is the move of our London office to new, welcoming and public-facing premises in the heart of London’s Knowledge Quarter in King's Cross. This is our first move in 20 years and is part of a much wider outreach and engagement programme across our nations and regions. The new building has been built to BREEAM Excellent standard.

This environmental statement is designed to be a focus for heightened environmental awareness, encouraging staff to assess the environmental impacts arising from their activities and seeking ways to mitigate adverse impacts and improve environmental performance.

This policy sets out the steps we will take to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and promote environmental good practice.

We are committed to:

  1. Conserving energy; giving preference to renewable sources of energy and related materials.
  2. Complying with all applicable environmental legislation and relevant codes of practice.
  3. Encouraging all staff to improve their awareness of the environment and to become more environmentally responsible.
  4. Using our position to communicate and promote the critical role physics has in establishing a sustainable society.
  5. Reducing usage of and emissions from utilities and transport associated with our operations and events.

To achieve this, we aim to:

  1. Reduce our use of energy through improvements to energy efficiency and the substitution to renewable energy sources.
  2. Minimise waste by reducing consumption and developing effective waste management and recycling procedures.
  3. Ensure that all staff are given the opportunity to take an active role in implementing environmental best practice.
  4. Work with our suppliers to ensure they share our commitment and practices.
  5. Monitor and measure our energy consumption to optimise our energy efficiency.


Signature of Paul Hardaker, IOP CEO and Julia Higgins, IOP President