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Engineers teach physics

As someone with a background in engineering you’re in a unique position to share your practical perspective to teach and inspire the next generation of engineers and physicists.

A hands-on career

In order to tackle the major problems that our society faces we need a diverse range of physics teachers to help children develop their understanding of the world.

Continue your career in engineering and help to develop the engineers of the future.

There is now a customised course, specifically designed with engineers in mind, which is available to you, making use of your skills and knowledge. For further details please go to the engineers teach physics page.

Alastair – a case study

Whether you are a recent graduate, a postgraduate or thinking of changing your career to one in teaching, we thought you may be interested in reading this case study on Physics World on one of our recent IOP scholars. After many years working in industry our scholar Alastair made the leap from an engineering industry career into the classroom, after completing his initial teacher training (ITT) course.

IOP events

The IOP hosts a programme of events for the physics community across the UK and Ireland