What is TalkPhysics?

TalkPhysics is a digital space for discussing ideas, sharing advice and discovering resources for teaching physics.

Why should you get involved?

If you’re a teacher, technician or trainer, TalkPhysics will connect you to over 9,500 education professionals who can provide support on a range of physics topics; from the latest on A-level practicals to interview lesson tips.

Whether you’re a specialist or non-specialist, the TalkPhysics forum enables you to ask questions – without risk or judgement – and access the expertise of those involved in teaching physics.

You can contribute to conversations about curriculum developments, share your experiences and stay up-to-date with the latest news in physics education.

“I was able to use bits of advice… to produce a lesson that was much more like how I would usually teach rather than a "purely for show" lesson and it worked.”  Teacher

How does it work?

Explore online at

You will find:

  • Articles, which include the latest news, comment and resources, including Marvin and Milo cartoons and a guide for the Exoplanet Physics Project
  • Groups and Forums, to get involved in discussions, ask questions, and provide support to others
  • An Event Calendar, to stay up-to-date with upcoming STEM CPD courses
  • Lots more!

Ready to start talking physics?

Visit and register online to join the conversation.


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