Surrey (Byfleet)

Richard Grimmer

Richard Grimmer
Physics Network Coordinator in Surrey and SW London

St George's College
Weybridge Road
Surrey KT15 3QS

Current position
Teacher of Physics to KS 3, 4 & 5, and Science to KS 3 (with a bit of Computing and Electronics thrown in).  I have also recently mentored a Physics PGCE student through the University of Buckingham course (a schools-based PGCE) as well as mentoring several science NQTs over the past few years.

BSc in Physics and PGCE, both at Birmingham University.

Teaching since 1992, first in rural Africa, then back in UK.

Personal interests
Playing with and reading stories to my kids, and also writing stories for them.
Photography with my DSLR, and writing, both factual and fiction. 
I am also quite involved in church life.

To help you to fully understand the Physics topics you are teaching your pupils, and to give you fun and engaging ways to teach these topics, which produce results.

Workshops I can deliver:
What Happens Next?
Cloud Chambers and Cool CO2 demos
Virtual Physical Laboratory
EM Spectrum
Games Laboratory
Lights, Camera, Images
Shocked and Stunned
New Ideas
Son of New Ideas
LED Colour Mixer Make-and-Take
Toys in Physics
Software for Skint Schools

I am also happy to run bespoke courses to fit your department’s needs.

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