Support for teachers

One of our core aims is to secure a flourishing future for physics, and to this end the Institute supports physics in all schools and colleges.

  • Physics Teacher Network
    The Physics Teacher Network has been established to provide support for physics teachers across the whole of Great Britain and Ireland
  • Stimulating Physics Network
    A support network for teachers and pupils of physics in England, managed by the Institute of Physics in partnership with the Science Learning Network
  • Gender balance
    The under-representation of girls in physics post-16 is a serious issue for the UK and in particular for the STEM community
  • Supporting Physics Teaching
    The Supporting Physics Teaching initiative is intended to support specialist and non-specialist teachers who teach physics in the early years of secondary education
    SCORE is a partnership of science organisations, including the Institute of Physics. It aims to improve science education in schools and colleges in England by supporting the development and implementation of effective education policy
  • Teachers of Physics award
    Do you know a great physics teacher or primary science teacher? If so, why not nominate them for an Institute of Physics Teachers Award?
  • TalkPhysics
    TalkPhysics is our online learning community, bringing together over 10,000 members of the STEM teaching community
  • Email discussion lists
    The Education Department supports a number of email discussion lists designed to provide you with a forum to share ideas, ask questions and exchange views
  • Returning teachers
    If you're a qualified teacher looking to return to teaching, we can help ease your move back into the classroom
  • Future Physics Leaders
    Work with us to support physics teachers in your area

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