Science: It’s a people thing

A discussion workshop for KS3-4 female students.

This workshop, developed in partnership with WISE and Intel, is designed to inspire girls about the STEM subjects where they are under-represented, such as physics and computer science.

The workshop uses role models to facilitate small group discussion and explore gender stereotyping in a comfortable and safe environment. The discussions look at myths and facts about girls and women in STEM, how these subjects connect with issues that girls care about and their importance as a gateway into a wide range of interesting jobs and careers.

Science: It’s a people thing is an off-timetable, girls-only activity, designed to run as a session of either 60–90 minutes, or a longer half-day event. The session is suitable for girls aged 13–16, but could be easily adapted for use with a younger age group aged 11–12.

The downloadable resources below include all that is needed to run a session and are intended for teachers, as well as ambassadors and role models going into schools. They include advice on how to find role models and brief them as well as editable PowerPoint slides to use in the workshop.

There is also a call-to-action card for students to take away from the event, which can be ordered in bulk from IOP – email for these. The card is a compact version of this student information sheet.