Future Physics Leaders

Targeted support and training for school physics departments

Our Future Physics Leaders (FPL) project focuses on areas and schools that are most in need of support. We're working in state-funded secondary schools located in the Department for Education's category 5 & 6 Priority Areas and Opportunity Areas to develop a network of schools supporting each other to advance the teaching of physics. 

See our map for the locations of the Future Physics Leaders hubs.

We are currently still recruiting partner schools in these hub locations:

• Northumberland
• Hull
• Kirklees
• Sheffield
• Coventry
• Swindon

This opportunity could be right for you if you are in one of these areas and are interested in training, support and mentoring for teachers of physics, designed for schools that have recently received a low Ofsted rating.

For more information, and to find out if your school is eligible for support, please contact fplinfo@iop.org.

Click here to read about how the Future Physics Leaders project could also support your school attracting and retaining Newly-Qualified Teachers of physics.

Our 24 Future Physics Leaders lead schools are already transforming physics teaching in their areas. The IOP will continue to support these schools in 2019/2020 so that they will become beacons of physics teaching locally and continue to connect and support all teachers of physics for the benefit of all.

This programme is funded by the Department for Education, so there is no charge to schools or teachers.

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