School Experience Programme for schools

Are you willing to help the physics teachers of the future take their first steps?

We often hear from people who are thinking of applying for initial teaching training (ITT) but are struggling to gain observational experience in a school. With your support we can help match these prospects to a school in their region.

The programme is for prospective physics teachers who are deciding if teaching is the career for them, and also those who have already made this decision and require experience to support their ITT application.

It is also for returning teachers who want to be refreshed on current curriculum and pedagogical content before returning to the classroom full-time.

Benefits of joining the School Experience Programme

  • Supporting the next generation of physics teachers
  • Meet prospective teachers and potential trainees
  • Build links with returning teachers

The process

This programme involves matching a prospective teacher to a school in their region to gain the necessary school observational experience.

  • A prospective teacher or returning teacher applies
  • We send them  the details of nearby schools and notify you that they will be in touch
  • Participants then email the school contact to arrange a visit

We’ve produced a document answering some of the questions you may have about the programme: School Experience Programme Guidance

Register your school for the School Experience Programme


Here are some comments from people who have benefited from the programme:

"The school has allowed me to observe their science lessons for a range of ages, teachers and topics every Tuesday. So far I have attended on two occasions; it has been really enjoyable and confirmed in my mind that teaching is the career change I need. I have now applied through the GTTR for a place on a PGCE Physics with Maths course and will continue to attend school til the end of the summer term once a week." Lindsay, civil engineer

"I had a full day of observing KS4 and A-level physics with two different teachers, plus a lesson of KS4 maths at my request. I also had the chance to chat with other science teachers. It was very easy to arrange – the school replied quickly to my emails and we'd set a date within a week or so of my initial contact. Many thanks for providing this contact for me - very worthwhile!" Sarah, physics undergraduate

"I spent a day in the physics department and was able to observe four physics and one maths lesson. The head of the physics department and his colleagues were very welcoming and it was a great chance to ask lots of questions and get a feel for being in the classroom. The visit has also helped me to decide that I would prefer a Physics/Science PGCE to Physics with Maths, and overall was a very positive experience.’ Matt, physics with astrophysics undergraduate

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