The MODEL Project

Practical physics at work

We know that students enjoy practical work and that students are more likely to engage with physics if they can see its relevance. The MODEL Project: Practical Physics at Work (2006) was developed to help provide engaging and relevant practical experiences for students.

The resource provides ideas for practical physics activities, student instructions and worksheets plus guidance for teacher and technicians. The practical activities are supported by video sequences showing how some people use physics in the jobs they do. The activities were designed for 14-16 year olds..

The topics are:

  • Harnessing Energy - the nature of energy, energy transfer and transformation, the Centre for Alternative Energy
  • Making a Spectacle - the physics behind making good spectacles, the optician
  • Sounds Good - improving sound quality, sound in the theatre
  • Cutting Edge Materials - materials science, nitinol – a smart metal alloy
  • Bright Sparks - electricity, circuits generators and motors, the electrician
  • Physical Health - physics used in medical analysis, the modern hospital

This resource is available to download from the Institute of Physics collection in the National STEM Centre e-library.

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