Supporting the Level 3 Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) in physics

These resources are designed to help support the delivery of Level 3 Extended Projects in physics in schools and colleges, whether through investigation or research-based.

A Level 3 EPQ is equivalent to half an A-level and is currently graded A* to E, with up to 70 points on the UCAS tariff.  The free-standing qualification is offered by the four awarding organisations in England and Wales.

Extended projects provide students with an opportunity to carry out a study in depth, based on personal interest or an aspect of a subject they are studying. It takes the form of either a dissertation, or a number of other forms, which could include an investigation or field study, or an artefact, backed up with paperwork.

The Institute would like to support teachers with students who might like to do an extended project in the area of physics. The web pages linked to below offer both details of the specifications and advice on how to run EPQs successfully in your establishment.


Case Studies of real projects

The case studies linked to below all describe real projects carried out by real students in Years 12/13. However, Henry, Lily, Marisa and Usain are not their real names, and some other details have been changed. We gratefully acknowledge their work and the helpful comments of an EPQ Chief Examiner and an EPQ Principal Moderator as we prepared these materials.

Henry – Water flow test rig
Lily – Pendulum
Marisa – Galaxies
Usain – Nuclear Power

Organisational Case Studies

EPQ at St Paul’s School
EPQ at Marlborough College
EPQ at Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys
Example of EPQ student guidance

Additional Resources – including data-sets

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