Exoplanet Physics

Five curriculum-linked practical activities for 11- to 14-year-olds.

Exoplanets are planets that orbit stars other than our Sun.

This resource was developed to help bring this new and exciting area of research into the classroom. Exoplanet Physics consists of five practical activities matched to the 11-14 curriculum. Each activity can be used in lessons or as part of a science club.

Useful links and individual downloads for each of the five practical activities and the CREST extension are available below.

ActivityUseful links
1: The transit methodLight Grapher (software)
2: The habitable zoneThe life cycle of stars (video)
3: Exoplanet atmospheresFlames and shadow (demo video)
4: Planet densityEarth science (additional lesson ideas)
5: Day and night, seasonsElliptical orbits (demo video)
CREST (extension)CREST Award projects (alternative space-themed ideas)

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