Teach First

Teach First is a charity working to break the link between low family income and poor educational attainment.

Participants embark on a two year Leadership Development Programme where they are placed, trained and supported to raise the achievement, aspirations, and access to opportunity of pupils from low socioeconomic backgrounds.

Before beginning teaching, all participants complete a six-week Summer Institute which provides them with core skills and knowledge that will support their teaching from September.

Throughout the first year, participants work towards a PGCE whilst undertaking around 90% of a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) timetable. In their second year, as NQTs, they further their impact in the classroom by setting visions and goals.

Participants spend a minimum of two years in the classroom of a school in challenging circumstances, after which they graduate to become Teach First Ambassadors with a life-long commitment to ending inequality in education from both inside and outside the classroom.

The programme lasts for two years.

Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) after the first year, usually with a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE).

You will be paid a salary depending on your experience and location plus get contributions towards a Teachers Pension.

Apply to Teach First. Recruitment ends when they reach their targets, so early application is advised.