I’ve graduated aged 21. Can I go straight into teacher training?

Some lucky people know very early on in life exactly what they want to do. Some of them even want to be physics teachers!

There is nothing to stop you taking an undergraduate degree then immediately applying for ITE. So you could easily be standing at the front of a school physics lab passing on your passion and by the tender age of 22.

Sometimes, tutors feel a candidate would benefit from more experience in the workplace, getting used to the social set up or even working in a voluntary role. They often ask such individuals to come back in a few years for interview.

Similarly, you may decide to continue your studies as a graduate before deciding to teach. Alternatively, taking a few years out exploring other options before applying will not prejudice ITE admissions tutors against your application.

What they will be scrutinising your application for is evidence that you know what being a teacher is actually like. Have you spent time observing science lessons in a school? Have you spoken to physics teachers and understood the reality of the job?