Benefits of a scholarship

IOP Teacher Training Scholarships are available to outstanding candidates. Not everyone can claim the accolade of IOP Scholar!

Every scholar receives £28,000 tax-free funding and an exclusive package of support and benefits not available through any other physics teacher funding source.

If you meet our eligibility criteria, here are five great reasons to apply.

1. Part of an exclusive community
You will become part of a like-minded community, allowing you to share ideas and draw on support. There will be formal and informal opportunities throughout your training year to get involved with the scholar community and interact with your fellow scholars.

2. Supertrips and masterclasses
You will be invited to a series of supertrips and masterclasses designed for scholars. Trips and masterclasses will take place at education and science-related venues across the country to demonstrate how you could deliver an educational trip to that venue with your future pupils, and to introduce you to physics teaching ideas beyond the curriculum.

3. Free IOP membership for your training year
All scholars are welcomed into the IOP community and awarded the benefits that all IOP members enjoy. This includes full access to our in-house magazine Physics World, invitations to local branch meetings and free journal downloads.

4. Opportunities for professional development
As an IOP scholar you will be kept informed of relevant events throughout the year, which will help you to develop additional skills. You will be invited to workshops where you can learn from experienced physics teachers and network with your peers.

5. The prestige of being an IOP Scholar
Putting “IOP Scholar” on your CV is a great achievement and a great attraction for any future employer. It shows that you have gone the extra mile in your journey to becoming a teacher.

Ready to Apply? Click on the button below to access the online application:

Still unsure if you should apply for a scholarship? Come and meet us at a recruitment event and we’ll answer your questions face-to-face.

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