Are you eligible?

If you have the academic and personal qualities that will enable you to excel as a physics teacher, we encourage you to apply for a scholarship.

However, it is crucial that you read the following eligibility criteria carefully before you apply for a scholarship. If in doubt, please contact us on 020 7470 4959 or before you submit your application.

In summary, to apply for a scholarship you must:

  • Have a physics or related degree (such as engineering or mathematics) with a proven or predicted grade of at least 2.1;
    or hold a relevant PhD or master’s degree or recognised equivalent;
    or have completed a Subject Knowledge Enhancement course in physics.
    If you have a 2.2 degree we will consider your application if you can demonstrate significant physics-related experience and knowledge
  • By September 2019, you must secure your training place on an eligible university-led or school-led (fee based, non-salaried) physics or physics-with-maths ITT course in England for the 2019/20 academic year. The training place must have been allocated is in accordance with the ITT allocations methodology for academic year 2019 to 2020 and must be delivered by an institution accredited by DfE as an ITT provider. Additionally, eligible courses lead, upon completion, to a recommendation, on behalf of the trainee, for the award of QTS.
  • Be classified as a ‘Home’ student. Refer to the UKCISA website for full details
  • Meet the bursary eligibility criteria as set out by the Department for Education.

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Frequently asked questions

I come from a country outside of the EU. Can I apply?
The criteria for funding of scholarships matches the criteria set by the Department for Education for all training bursary funding. You will need to be qualified as a home student for the purpose of paying tuition fees by your training provider.

One way in which you can be classified as a home student is by having been resident in the UK, European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland for the past three years and having the right to live in the UK or EEA without any visa restrictions. For full details, visit the UKCISA website.

I have an overseas degree. Am I able to apply?
Yes, providing your degree is equivalent to the UK degree requirements stated above. You may want to clarify your qualifications with NARIC prior to applying.

Do I need a physics degree?
No, however, you are very unlikely to be given a place on a course unless your degree contains sufficient physics content (examples include Engineering, Sports Science or Astronomy), or you have undertaken a Subject Knowledge Enhancement course in physics.

I graduated some time ago. Does this matter?
Not at all, your experiences since graduating could be very valuable to becoming a teacher.

I’m not due to graduate until later this year. Can I still apply?
Yes you can, providing your predicted grade is a 2.1 or above.

Will I also get the government's training bursary?
No, if you are awarded a scholarship it will be instead of the government training bursary.

Can I apply if I want to do a part-time training course?
Yes, the scholarship support you receive will be the same but your payments will be spread out throughout your course.

Can I apply if I want to do a salaried training course?
No, you are only eligible for a scholarship if you are intending to enrol on an unsalaried training course.

I am going to be training to teach in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. Can I apply?
No, IOP Scholarships can only be awarded to those training to teach in England. Please follow the links for more information if you will be training to teach in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

I don’t want to start training until 2020. Can I defer my application?
No, we cannot defer applications.

I am taking a teacher training course that leads to Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS), not QTS. Can you I apply?
No, you must secure a place on a secondary teacher training course that leads to QTS.

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