Information for returning teachers

If you’re a qualified teacher looking to return to teaching, you could benefit from a wealth of support to ease your move back into the classroom.

Information for returning teachers

However long you have been out of the classroom, schools will appreciate the enhanced life experience and knowledge you can bring back with you. Register your interest in returning to teaching with the Department for Education to receive updates on support you could be entitled to.

Teacher Subject Specialism Training 
Free training for teachers returning to the profession (England only). For more information visit the DfE's TSST page.

Teaching resources
If you are worried your physics subject knowledge is a little rusty, we have plenty of resources to help you reconnect with the subject you love. Visit our resources for teachers’ information page to access help with teaching a variety of topics.

Teachers’ guidelines updates
Depending on how long you have been out of the classroom, you may find there have been significant changes to the curriculum, qualifications, and to teachers’ standards. It is advisable to familiarise yourself with the new guidelines before you apply for a teaching job:

For more information about returning to teaching, visit the Department for Education’s return to teaching advice pages.

School Experience Programme (SEP)
We can help you arrange some time in a school to re-familiarise yourself with the environment, and to spend some time observing physics lessons. This experience will help you determine whether or not you definitely want to return to teaching.

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