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Support if you're returning to teaching physics after taking a break

However long you've been away from teaching, schools appreciate the enhanced life experience and knowledge you bring with you on your return.

On this page you'll find a wealth of support to ease your transition back into the classroom.


Teacher Subject Specialism Training (TSST)

TSST courses teach secondary physics to non-specialist and returning teachers. The courses are run by schools and approved and funded by the DfE. 

Find further information if you are:

  • a teacher new to teaching physics or a teacher returning to teaching physics
  • a TSST course provider
  • an Initial Teacher Education provider 
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Get into Teaching help for returning teachers

Get support to return to teaching from Get into Teaching, including one-to-one support from an adviser, help with arranging school experience and accessing a subject specialist training course to refresh your knowledge.

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Current curriculum

Before applying for a physics teaching role and heading back into the classroom, it's a good idea to familiarise yourself with the current national curriculum.

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Teachers' standards

If you've been away from the classroom for a while, it's a good idea to brush up your knowledge on the latest standards giving information on the minimum requirements of practice and conduct.

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