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CPD for teachers

As a teacher you can keep your skills and knowledge up-to-date with our CPD events.

Here you'll also find information on how we can support you if you're a CPD provider.

What we offer

We run:

How to book

If you'd like to speak to us about any of the events in your region or request a workshop for your school, please contact our representative in your region:

Further information

If you’d like to speak to us or require more detail regarding one of our events or CPD, please email [email protected].

Do you provide CPD for physics teachers?

In collaboration with other physics professional developers, we aim to support those providing physics CPD by:

  • learning from other CPD providers by bringing together communities of physics coaches to share good practice
  • supporting those new to coaching and enriching the professional standing of physics teachers through chartership (CPhys)
  • interrogating the latest research to see how it might improve our CPD provision
  • assessing the impact of our education projects and how they align with our strategy through rigorous data analysis

For more information about our work supporting physics CPD professionals, please contact [email protected].