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Teaching is one of the most challenging and fulfilling careers you could have. Confident, knowledgeable teachers pass their passion on to their students. We support teachers of physics throughout their training. Join our Student Affiliation Scheme and read our booklet on finding your first NQT position.

Student Teacher Affiliation Scheme

Join this free scheme if you are a student teacher or in your first two years of teaching. The scheme helps to develop your understanding of physics and you'll receive resources, advice on practical demonstrations and suggestions on how to keep your physics teaching interesting.

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Finding your first NQT position

Finding the right school to begin your teaching career is important. Your first few years as a qualified teacher will be rewarding but challenging, so give your self the best start by choosing your school carefully. (Please note this booklet is based on the English teacher training system.)

Download (PDF, 1.1MB)

Resources for early career teachers

Look ahead to your physics teaching career:


Learning to Teach Physics: Student Teachers


A guide to support from the Institute of Physics

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Keep Teaching

Starting your NQT year in September 2020?

Learn more about our KEEP Teaching trial to help shape the future of physics teaching.

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