IOP ITE Scholars’ Programme

Initial Teacher Education can be full-on. Our scholars’ programme recognises this and is designed to support your teaching and build up your support network


Save the date! Supertrips and masterclasses

We hope you can join us for our Scholar events. We’ve chosen some great venues and you will enjoy physics teaching workshops, meet other scholars and take home loads of resources. Get these dates in your diary:


National Space Centre, Leicester SupertrupSaturday 10 November 2018
Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester MasterclassSaturday 9 March 2019
IOP Office, London MasterclassSaturday 29 June 2019



Join TalkPhysics, our digital teacher community

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TalkPhysics is our online forum for everyone involved in teaching physics at school. We recommend you join before you start your training so you can explore - it is packed full of ideas, events and resources that will be a real help during your training year and beyond. When you register, you will receive an email asking you to tell us a bit about yourself. Please reply saying: I am a 2018-19 IOP Teacher Training Scholar. This will help us speed up your registration.

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Getting ready for your Initial Teacher Education
Before you begin your teacher training, there is plenty you can usefully do in preparation. We have pulled together a programme for pre-ITE teachers, based on what a range of training providers suggest to their prospective students. Visit our Waiting to begin your Initial Teacher Education pages to get started.

Making the most of your IOP membership
We believe that teaching physics is doing physics, so we give our scholars one year's free membership of the IOP. We will welcome you into the IOP community and offer you the benefits that all IOP members enjoy including:

  • Full access to our in-house magazine Physics World
  • Invitations to local branch meetings
  • Free journal downloads and full access to our award winning eBooks

Keep an eye out for our welcome email and when you receive it begin to explore your membership at IOPConnect.

Scholarship Funding FAQs

You may have some questions about how your Scholarship funding is paid. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

Who gives me the IOP Scholarship funding? How often will I be paid and when will my payments start and end?
Your funding does not come through the IOP. It is paid directly to your training provider by the Department for Education (DfE). Your training provider then passes this funding on to you through the funding mechanisms you arrange with them. Your training provider will set the payment schedule and will confirm this with you before you start your training.

What do I need to do to arrange my scholarship funding being paid?
You just need to inform your training provider that you have a scholarship from the Institute of Physics. The team at the IOP will provide a letter of proof for the award of your scholarship to hand to your training provider. Your training provider will then organise the funding from the DfE.

If I have any problems with my Scholarship funding, who do I speak to?
In the first instance you should talk to your training provider. They request the funding from the DfE through a data submission and schedule the payments with you, so they should be your first port of call with regard to payments.

Who will pay my tuition fees? Is it taken automatically out of my scholarship funding or will I have to arrange my tuition fee payments?
You will need to talk to your training provider about paying your fees. Both your scholarship funding and student loan (if you have one) will go through the training provider first. The provider should inform you at the start of your training how this funding will be used for fees or passed on to you.

I am studying part-time. How often is my scholarship going to be given to me? When will it stop?
If you are a part-time student the funding you receive will be the same as a trainee on a one year course. Your training provider will discuss with you the payment schedule, which will be provided over the length of the course. Most providers will spread funding evenly throughout your course and funding will stop if you withdraw from training or once you have completed your training.

I have decided to end my studies. Do I have to pay back my scholarship funding?
If you withdraw from your studies your training provider will discuss with you the reasons for your withdrawal and funding will stop as soon as you withdraw from the programme. Currently (for the 2018/19 academic year) you do not need to pay back any funding you have received if you withdraw from the programme early. As payments are spread throughout the year only those that complete their teacher training will receive the full funding amount.

I have decided to pause my studies. Can I still get payments when I resume studies? How much will I get?
Your funding payments will stop as soon as you pause your studies. If you return to your studies, starting at the point you paused, your funding will continue at the same rate you originally started on and will continue for the remainder of your course. At which point you return to your studies will be at the discretion of your provider. If you have been out of training for a long time (generally more than 2 years) you may be asked to start your training again and will be required to officially drop out of your old programme and apply to the new one. Should you start again, your funding will resume at the rate agreed for that academic year.

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