Resources for Early Career Teachers

We've chosen the resources listed on this page as they are particularly useful for teachers who are new to teaching physics. You can explore our full range of support for teachers here.

Teaching resources

  • Supporting Physics Teachers (SPT)
    Providing extensive support for teaching physics up to age 16, the SPT materials have been developed for all new teachers of physics, boosting subject knowledge, highlighting common problem areas for pupils and offering teaching strategies.
  • Teaching Advanced Physics (TAP)
    TAP offers a comprehensive set of detailed resources to help you to plan lessons for 16–19 year olds. The resources are aimed at those who are new to teaching this age group, and don’t assume that you have lots of equipment or had advice from experienced colleagues.
  • Practical Physics
    This website describes proven experiments in sufficient detail that they will work in any school laboratory. It also provides notes about teaching and learning, as well as health and safety issues. Suitable for all secondary levels.
  • Improving Gender Balance
    We have been working for many years on the issues surrounding the lack of uptake of physics at school, particularly by girls. These resources aim to help schools tackle gender inequity in the science classroom, in the whole school and in their associated primary and early year centres. 

Support in your region

  • Physics Teacher Network
    Find your local Physics Teacher Network Co-ordinator (PNC) and introduce yourself. The PNCs have lots of teaching experience and put on free CPD workshops and provide advice and support for anyone teaching physics. They have close links with local schools and will know about local initiatives and activities.

Virtual support

  • TalkPhysics
    Our online forum for physics teachers and their supporters has over 10,000 members. Register for free – it’s a safe place to ask questions, share ideas and access teaching resources.
  • @TakeOnPhysics
    The Stimulating Physics Network’s Twitter feed shares ideas, events and resources. You can follow this feed even if you are not based in England and Wales as there are plenty of useful links being posted. 

Reading matter

  • Classroom Physics
    Our Education Department newsletter is published four times a year. It includes news and resources from the IOP and other relevant organisations, event listings, teaching tips and practical ideas. Look out for paper copies in your school’s physics department or read it online.
  • Physics Education
    Our international journal for everyone involved with the teaching of physics in schools and colleges. As well as academic papers, there are informal articles, teaching tips and reviews of textbooks and software.

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