Newly qualified teachers (NQTs)

Congratulations, you’ve made it through your teacher training and are now moving on to the next phase in your journey, becoming a fully-fledged teacher.

The year ahead will be a whirlwind affair, as you get to grips with the many facets of being a teacher. Whether you are starting as a physics specialist or teaching physics as part of the science curriculum, you are part of the physics community. We know that time is at a premium, especially at the beginning of your career, therefore the IOP are here to help you with resources and advice which will smooth the way as you meet the challenges ahead of you.

As an NQT physics teacher you are also invited to attend events run by Stimulating Physics Support (SPS).  The programme holds free termly meetings for local student physics teachers in England. These events are a great opportunity to get advice on developing strategies for engaging physics teaching, as well as a chance to meet local physics teachers in other schools to share and develop ideas.

In addition, as a physics or physics with maths specialist, you may also be eligible for one-to-one mentoring through the SPS programme.

If you have not previously registered for our Student Teacher Affiliation and would like us to keep in touch throughout your early career, contact


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