Repackaging Physics

The aims of this project are to alter the way physics degrees are presented to students and to try and attract a broader cohort to the subject, without alienating the ‘core’ students.

Download the 'Repackaging Physics Booklet' on how to market physics in the 21st Century Colour version (PDF, 2 MB) Black and White version (PDF, 5 MB)

Market research has been conducted to better understand the influences, perceptions and attitudes towards physics amongst young adults, and what factors affect their decision to study physics at university.


Two major problems have been identified:

  • The image of physics is that there is a poor range of career opportunities and that only those interested in teaching and research should follow it
  • Much university material is unattractive to the intended audience, although there is evidence to suggest that only committed applicants took the trouble to read it anyway

Strategy and Outcomes

  • We have been working with the University of Salford to redesign its existing physics degree with an emphasis on careers and industrial relevance and experience.
  • A guidance document (Repackaging physics – as seen above) on how to market physics in the 21st century has been produced and circulated to all physics departments.
  • The Institute’s Physics on Course booklet has been redesigned to incorporate the findings from the research.

Next steps
We are continuing to engage university marketing departments with ‘Repackaging Physics’. The effective and successful good practice learnt from the University of Salford will be shared with other physics departments.

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Repackaging Physics (PDF, 2MB)

Marketing physics guide in colour

Repackaging Physics - black and white (PDF, 2MB)

Marketing physics scheme in black and white

Semiotic Analysis and Development: Physics (PDF, 2 MB)

Semiotics paper

Repackaging Physics: Qualitative Research Debrief (PDF, 2 MB)

Findings from Hall and Partners


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