Queen Mary University of London

Name of project coordinator:
Dr Theo Kreouzis

Size of groups:

Year in which students will carry out the project:

Dates over which the project will run during the academic year:
Second Semester

Description of the Group Industrial Project activity:
The Group Industrial Projects will be an optional module in the second semester of the third year. The module is to be made available to all third year BSc and MSci students. The students will be split into groups numbering between three and six and allocated one of the industrially generated projects. One academic member of staff will act as the main supervisor with the industrial contact acting as second supervisor. 

Existing links with industry will be used, so the academic supervisor will, ideally, be the member of staff already in contact with the industrial collaborator. It is envisaged that the industrial collaborators will provide a short description of the project at the start of the module and that weekly project meetings will take place between the group and the academic supervisor at QMUL.

The assessment will be primarily based on an individual group member’s work. The initial task allocation will define the terms of the individual project reports; these are to be double marked by the academic supervisor and one other academic member of staff. The two examiners will also perform the oral examination of the individual students, moderated by the module organiser. 

These two parts of the assessment can be based on the existing detailed mark schemes used in the final year projects. As the industrial collaborator will require a concise report on the whole of the project, and their initially posed task, it is proposed that the industrial supervisor mark the group report and presentation using a template and moderated by the module organiser. Each individual’s group contribution mark is to be decided by the other members of the group (peer assessment).

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